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    2019 Schedule

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    2019 Schedule Empty 2019 Schedule

    Post by Son of Ron on Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:15 pm

    If one looks at the 2019 schedule and maps out a pitching rotation, one will see that OUR White Sox could get back with just 4 starters about half the time until All-Star break.

    A #5 is not needed until Sunday April 10.  However the #3 can make that start on 3 days rest which pushes #5 to April 15.  I would do this because it keeps everybody else on a consistent 4 day rest pattern.  

    I am assuming the rotation will be


    Hopefully there are no health issues with Rodon or Giolito.  Two pitchers that fell apart in September.

    Since its a rebuilding year, I don't chase anymore starters unless something that is too good to pass up materializes.  OUR White Sox ain't winning anything in 2019.  Why waste an Ace on a year that is already lost.

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