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    Sox's Future Empty Sox's Future

    Post by rmapasad on Tue May 29, 2018 4:41 pm

    Thought this was an interesting summary of Sox's future in a recent FanGraphs article:

    The White Sox seem to have some clear tendencies in the types of prospects they have acquired during this rebuild overseen by GM Rick Hahn: power arms rather than command ones, power bats rather than contact ones, prospects with pedigree over late bloomers. It’s produced a top-heavy system with 10-12 premium prospects for whom it’s easy to see a role on a championship club followed by depth types that are more single-tool back-of-the-roster players with limited upside than projection types with big upside. By contrast, the Braves and Padres did the same thing in their rebuilds with top-tier prospects, largely speaking, and continued looking for upside with lower-level players as well.
    That’s more just a description of what’s here than a criticism, as the top two prospects, Jimenez and Kopech, were headliners in key blockbuster trades that have performed even better than most expected. They’re the types of trades that dictate if a GM keeps his job and/or if a rebuild has a chance to work in the end. "

    With the exception of Jiminez, all of the Sox's hitting prospects are below .300 BA in AAA, AA and high A.  Much of this comes from high strikeout rates by certain guys - (Collins, Fisher, Basabe, Zavala, Rose) and lack of hard contact by the lower strikeout guys (Rutherford, Polo, Sheets, Forbes).   Still plenty of time for these guys to develop though.  Jiminez, Rutherford, Forbes, Adolfo and Basabe are only 21. Sheets is just 22.

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