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    Senator Snow flake


    Senator Snow flake Empty Senator Snow flake

    Post by Guest on Thu May 24, 2018 1:33 pm

    What a piece of trash this clown is....

    Well here is one man's rebutttal the the soon to be ex-Senator baseless criticism of one of America's finest Presidents

    No Senator Flake, the real problem is DC lifers like you. Since joining Congress in 2000, the deficit has quadrupled! Immigration hasn't gotten fixed, instead its worse. Healthcare hasn't gotten fixed, instead it is worse. Schools still get shot up, while any education that is taught is still lagging other 1st world counter parts. The African American community still faces many of the same problems, the biggest of which is the large number of children born to unwed mothers. We are still waging war against Islamic terrorism. Social Security and Medicare still targeted to run out of money....
    So Mr Flake, what, if anything, has DC fixed or improved from 2000 to 2016? From where I am sitting, any improvements to the American quality of life has happened in spite of people like you in DC
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    Senator Snow flake Empty Re: Senator Snow flake

    Post by Soxillinirob on Thu May 24, 2018 1:51 pm

    Not to ruin a good rant and all, but the "deficit" in 2000 is noted on as a $236 billion surplus.  Remember that thing we had called a surplus until the fiscally conservative GOP decided in 2001 that a surplus was not meant to exist?   You mention that that deficit has quadrupled.  Yikes!!!  Does that mean it's a $900 billion surplus?  I think we need your giant, pulsating IQ to explain this to us.

    Maybe the problem with Congress is that they are wholly focused on providing relief for the rich dicks that give them money and completely disinterested in doing things for the betterment of the nation?  That's what it looks like from my very high and pompous pedestal.

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