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    Cain v Moustakas


    Cain v Moustakas Empty Cain v Moustakas

    Post by Guest on Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:26 pm

    Lorenzo Cain would have made sense for OUR White Sox if they could have gotten him for 4 years or less.  Currently, OUR White Sox CF solutions consists of Engel, who can't hit, Leury Garcia, an infielder with a career OPS of 599, and Tilson, who hasn't played in a year and a half.  The White Sox CF of the future was in rookie ball in 2017.  Cain, provides leadoff skills which currently do not exist in the White Sox org.  He also plays gold glove caliber defense which would be a benefit to the development of the young pitching staff.

    Mike Moutakas does not make sense for OUR White Sox.  OUR top young player, Yoan Moncada can play 3B if he can't cut it at 2B.  If he stays at 2B, we can play Yolmer Sanchez at 3B and get top notch defense.  Although I'm sure Matt Davidson will be given another chance as well.  OUR White Sox can also move Nick Delmonico back to 3B, which is where he played in AAA.  Depending how you juggle the lineup, DH and LF are interchangable with 3B.  So that throws Wily Garcia, and Dan Palka, and Ryan Cordell, and Conor Gillaspie into the mix.  Then you have to consider that this apple cart gets turned over once Eloy Jiminez is deemed ready.

    In short, Cain filled an obvious void and would help the rebuilding effort.  Moustakas simply takes away at bats away from players that came be part of future championships  No thank you to him or any other rent a bat still waiting to get overpaid

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