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    Looking for the new Doug Fister

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    Looking for the new Doug Fister

    Post by Deplorable Mark on Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:59 pm

    It was so much fun discussing him laster year at this time that the KARK decided to find this year's version

    and the winner is


    Jamie Garcia, a lefty, finished a close second.  Mainly because he is a lefty.

    Guys like Clay Buchholz and Scott Feldman should also be considered if OUR White Sox need veteran arms to eat innings and prevent key prospects like Kopech from getting a full year's worth of service time in 2018.

    I wonder if any of the 4 would take a minor league deal with a spring training invite

    BTW, that is what they should have given Miguel Gonzalez

    PS, how about Derek Holland part deaux?!?!?!

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