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    Getting Friends Wives into Bed

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    Getting Friends Wives into Bed

    Post by Soxillinirob on Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:43 pm

    Trumpy:  "Getting Friends' wives into bed made life worth living."

    Getting American back to God and Greatness!  Yep, Kark, this is the Godly man to whom you've hitched yer wagon.  You must be proud!  Them gays are messed up and so wrong.  They're ruining the country.  But this guy Trump and his bedding his friends' wives....well, that's just fucking American as shit.  Yeeee haaaaaaw.  Run to church (don't walk) and thank Jesus for this holy man that he bestowed upon us, and for having him save us from the evils of Hillary.

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