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    Hahn on trading prospects



    Hahn on trading prospects

    Post by Guest on Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:14 am

    At some point Hahn will need to do this.

    The articles give the example of Yerlich from the Marlins

    Personally, I think the Marlins would want a king's ransom for Yerlich and the White Sox are not yet in that position.  So let somebody else overpay.  Then see if somebody else would overpay for Abreau.

    That said, the White Sox do need to consider moving their expendable youth,

    For example, Matt Davidson, Willy Garcia...

    Obviously, that won't get you any superstar.  But it might be enough for a blocked prospect, which I believe Greg Allen is.  Or maybe a struggling kid in need of a change of scenario.  That is how they got Paul Konerko

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