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    How many Garcia will be in the 2018 outfield?



    How many Garcia will be in the 2018 outfield?

    Post by Guest on Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:45 am

    Avisail just might be sold high

    Leury is not as talented as those he is competing against

    Wily is still trying to translate his impressive talent into on field production.

    So maybe ZERO


    The KARK ain't trading Avisail unless the other guy clearly over pays.  The man worked very hard to turn himself into contender for the batting title and is still just 26.  No need to piss that away on paranoia.  If I'm Hahn, I'm talking 5 year deal, not trade

    the KARK keeps Leury because his fills a variety of roles and can play all over.  His value as a safety net for the OF is probably more valuable than what he can bring in a trade.  That could change come 7/31.  So the KARK has him as the LF/CF backup to the more physically gifted/but not necessarily better baseball players

    the KARK shops Willy.  Just 25 and extremely gifted physically, but its hard to see how he fits into the long term.  Especially if Avisail is part of that long term.  Willy also has plenty of short term competition.  a lot of that bats lefty which is something the White Sox need to develop.  Its also quite possible that Willy would be blocking a better long term fit at Charlotte.  It seems to me, willy has the opposite problem of Leury.  More valuable as a tradable prospect than an on field performer


    So I guess the answer is roughly one and a half

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