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    Cardinals interested in Abreau


    Cardinals interested in Abreau

    Post by Guest on Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:50 am

    And the Cards have quite a few leadoff CF types.

    How cool would it be if OUR White Sox could pull off a "Sale" type deal with Nick Plummer playing the role of Luis Basabe.  Better yet, Jonathan Machado!!!!!

    Austin Gomber would also be a nice fit.  Workhorse junkballing lefty in the mold of Jim Katt, Tommy John and Mark Buehrle.


    Part of me wants to keep Abreau because of his leadership and the young Cubans.  Plus, given the year Rick Hahn had in 2017, all the pieces could be in place for contention by 2019.  Meaning you would need Abreau.  More specifically, the 2014 or 2018 version of Abreau.

    However, this is OUR White Sox, so maybe its better to trade Abreau a year too early than a year too late.  I don't give him away.  But if a "Sale/Quintana" type packages emerges...  And lets not forget Hahn got the Nationals to completely overpay for Adam Eaton

    As for mentoring the young Cubans, you can always bring back Alexei Ramirez who can probably still outplay Tyler Saladino.  Or maybe Jose Contreras who can probably still outpitch Dylan Covey.  and if they can't, just create a new coaching position.  

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