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    why global warming is wonderful



    why global warming is wonderful

    Post by Guest on Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:24 pm


    Warm is better than cold

    How stupid is the left not to be able to figure that one out.

    and idiot Bernie Sanders wants to stop the warming


    It doesn't take a CPA with a 135 IQ to figure out that when politicians talk about fighting climate changes, it really means WE THE PEOPLE should fork over more money and more power to the government.

    which is why all you ever hear lefties do is whine about climate change and those evil science deniers.  You never hear them talk about how to stop the change, or what stopping it would really cost.  But if you want an idea, then set your thermostat to 59 this winter and 83 next summer.  Then walk or bike to anywhere you need to go that less than 10 miles away.

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