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    Keystone pipeline

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    Keystone pipeline

    Post by Soxillinirob on Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:58 pm

    Heard an interesting interview with someone on the radio today that noted that the Keystone pipeline will connect Canada's oil to Texas primarily because that's where the bulk of the Koch Industry refineries are, and that the reason this is so important to the Kochs is because their Texas refineries are almost exclusively designed for the refining of dirty, gunky oil, such as the tar sands oil that will be in the Keystone pipeline.  He noted that they currently get their dirty oil from Venezuela and refine THAT oil in Texas.  Texas oil is cleaner and doesn't get refined at Koch refineries.  Kochs estimate that they will be paying $15 less per barrel of oil via the new pipeline than Venezuela's charge.  Venezuela has a captive buyer in the Kochs because the Kochs refineries are only designed to refine THAT kind of oil and can charge them a premium for that oil.  The Americans for Prosperity #1 agenda item for Trump was to approve the construction of the pipeline.  Now, I suppose we can assume that they want this pipeline for America to add the 35 full time jobs it'll bring and somehow the Kochs think that's good for America.  Or, we can assume that maybe they want the pipeline for personal financial reasons, such as the several billion dollars per year it'll save them in raw materials costs.  Thinking it might be the latter.  35 full time, long term jobs doesn't seem like enough to be #1 on the platform.

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