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    What about 2018 pitching

    Deplorable Mark
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    What about 2018 pitching

    Post by Deplorable Mark on Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:29 am

    Please tell me James Shields will NOT be the Opening Day starter.  In fact, can he please be gone b4 Opening day

    Given the status of Rodon's shoulder, I suppose Giolito would have to be the current front runner for Opening Day.

    I don't see, nor do I advocate pursuing a veteran starter (aka win now guy) this winter.  That can wait until 2020 when Chris Sales is suppose top be a free agent.

    2018 looks like the year of the freshman and sophomore at the G-spot.  Out of necessity, OUR White Sox will probably need a Doug Fister type or three just to eat innings so we can delay the start of the service time clocks on the Kopechs of the world.

    If there ever was a time and place for the old Chuck Tanner idea of 3 pitchers pitching 3 innings a piece once every 3 days, I would say 2018 is the time and the Chicago's South Side is the place.  That or some other type of starter tag team arrangement.

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