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    More Sabermetrics for Dummies



    More Sabermetrics for Dummies

    Post by Guest on Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:25 pm

    Supposedly the expert in this field claims that 1 point of OBP is worth 1.8 times more than 1 point of SLG

    The problem is, there is no such thing as a point of OBP or a point of SLG.

    There are 3 ways get get credit for getting on base.  OBP divides all the times you successfully get on bases by total plate appearance and express that as a percentage.  However there is no single point of OBP

    Conversely, there are 4 different type of hits.  SLG divides the total bases accumulated from these hits and divides by at bats and express that as a percentage.  However, there is no single point of SLG

    Not only that, but by far the largest component of both OBP and SLG happen to be the same thing, hits.  To see how large, simply divide BA by OBP and SLG.  In 2016 79% of OBP were hits.  61% of SLG where hits.  However they're are the exact same hits.  Meaning its impossible for a hit to be worth 1.8 times itself.

    Therefore, the notion that OBP is somehow worth 1.8 more than SLG is nothing more than bad math and flawed logic

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