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    Once Again, THE KARK way ahead of the curve on this board

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    Once Again, THE KARK way ahead of the curve on this board

    Post by Deplorable Mark on Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:56 pm

    THE KARK read the other day that 57% of children with millennial mothers are born bastards


    MORE THAN HALF!!!!!!

    Where is Blondy now to tell the board why this is such a wonderful thing?!?!?

    and will the Lawyer and the Banker and the Lovely Doctor continue to defend this as if a fatherless home is no big thang

    What kind of fucked up society is more concerned about finding a gay man a husband than an unwed mother?!?!?!?

    More like leftwing dumbfucks doing everything they can to destroy the family and destroy the church so we have nobody left but BIG GOV to depend on

    Makes me sick!!!!!

    100 years, my grand parents came to America, worked their asses off so their kids could have it easier.  Ditto my parent.  Its called passing down wealth.  That's how you kill poverty.  Not this brain dead tax the rich bullshit.

    THE KARK says tax the poor and take away their welfare!!!!!  Then maybe that will inspire poor men to act like MEN and take care of their children where step one is making an honest woman out of their mother!!!!!

    The world is far better off with heartless fucks like THE KARK than a bunch of crybaby dreamers and spoiled snow flakes that expect BIG GOV to remove every hardship from life.


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