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    I guess rebuilding does mean sucking

    Deplorable Mark
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    I guess rebuilding does mean sucking

    Post by Deplorable Mark on Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:46 am

    Wow, all of a sudden, OUR White Sox are without a bullpen.  and its my understanding the real pitching prospect are going to be sheltered from this mess on the south side

    The KARK never envisioned OUR White Sox having pitching this putrid.

    But contrary to the outright lies of those who deliberately disagree with me, this is not a criticism of rebuilding and a demand to return to WIN NOW.

    the KARK has never, EVER criticized the Sale deal or the Eaton deal and always was behing the idea of holding on to Quintana until the demands where met.  I was always open to trading Frazier and Robertson and can't wait for Cabrera and Holland and Shields to join them.

    But damn, it pisses me off when OUR White Sox piss away games like they did last Sunday against the Mariners.

    That said, Hahn has been a chessmaster so far at this rebuilding,  He flooded the farm with top prospects, put OUR White Sox in a top draft position, probably #2 and will hopefully go into 2018 with as little payroll as possible.

    The KARK's only complaint is that he expects the players on the field to play well.  Meaning these kids need to play up to their potential.  Anybody with reading comprehension should have been able to see that

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