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    Cause for concern or sample size.

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    Cause for concern or sample size.

    Post by Deplorable Mark on Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:09 pm

    The boards most popular player (at least for the two remaining posters) Avisail Garcia saw a June OPS of 784.  For May it was 830.  Just about the entire was in power  (BA dropped 301 to 293; OBP dropped 345 to 340)  Should the fanboy Nation be concerned?!?!?!?

    Garcia had 3 homers in both May and June.  However, he had 2 less doubles (8 to 6) and month less triple (1 to 0).  So this accounted for 4 fewer total bases in roughly the same amount of at bats (103 to 99).  So basically this 40 point drop in OPS is due to 2 doubles and 1 tripling being replaced by 2 singles.

    Sorry folks, but to the KARK, that just one of those mediocre months that happen.  I don't consider it the league catching up to Garcia.  Although, I would say part of it is the league being more careful with Garcia, which is NOT the same thing.  OUR White Sox continue to have a below average offense.  It doesn't take a CPA with a 135IQ to figure out that the guy batting after Garcia just might be a far easier out.

    That said, how about Quintana and Garcia for Aaron Judge

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