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    Pep Talk

    Deplorable Mark
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    Pep Talk

    Post by Deplorable Mark on Wed May 24, 2017 9:46 am

    Yes, OUR White Sox are 4 games under

    Yes, they are in rebuilding mode at should stay that way.

    But yet again, the KARK raises the point, why does rebuilding have to be synomous with sucking?!?!?!?

    There are many areas OUR White Sox can improve THIS year without sabotaging the rebuilding process

    The offense has been carried by a super hot Avisail Garcia.  What is not mentioned is how many guys have been super cold.  So as Garcia cools, guys like Abreau and Anderson should pick up the slack.  Not only that, but when Moncada gets the call, he's a big improvement over Saladino.  Given the way Frazier and Cabrera have played, the quicker the fire sale, the better.  That opens up more time for Matt Davidson and Wily Garcia.  And how difficult is it to get a veteran catcher and a a rent-a-OF.  I bet they could be had without touching a top prospect.

    Speaking of prospects, aren't the White Sox suppose to have some of the best pitching prospects in the game?  So is it really necessary to put up with Covey and Pelfrey and their pathetic 1-8 record?!?!?  Is it really that unrealistic to think that OUR White Sox could trade the entire starting rotation for a mix of prospects and key 2nd half rentals and actually become a better team for this year and next?

    Which brings me to the key of 2017, the bullpen.  Yes, the bullpen is for real.  But you have some key pieces that need to be cashed in.  Robertson, Swarzak and possibily Nate Jones.  I believe OUR White Sox can survive a Robertson trade.  But I doubt, OUR White Sox can survive trading all 3.  I don't DUMP Jones and Swarzak like I am currently willing to do with Frazier and Cabrera.  But if the right deal comes along....

    Personally, I don't see Jones getting trading until he proves he can handle the closer role.  I doubt he'll be considered a proven closer by 7/31.  and Swarzak...  I doubt he brings any real value by himself.  But if he is needed as a throw in to get a real blue chip prospect, by all means throw him in.  Now does this happen.  ain't got a clue.

    Bottom line, no reason the young guys don't get better this year.  With a little help, and a little luck, and a lot of AL Central parity, OUR Chicago White Sox do have a real shot at winning the division this year without jeopordizing the 2020 World Series run

    Mr Modelo
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    Re: Pep Talk

    Post by Mr Modelo on Wed May 24, 2017 10:35 am

    Very interesting theory.  If you believe that the bullpen is the key, might I suggest that the White Sox move Mike Pelfrey to the bullpen.  He has a 2.00 ERA in the first three innings.  All those runs were in his first two starts.  In May, Pelfrey has shut out the opposition in the first three innings.  Didn't you bring up the old Chuck Tanner idea of three pitchers going three innings a piece?

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