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    GOP - LMAO



    GOP - LMAO

    Post by Guest on Thu May 04, 2017 8:58 am

    Its so easy to see why the GOP in DC are considered a three stooges training ground.

    Last week at spending resolution that looks like something Obama would have written.  Now this week, supposedly another attempt to repeal and replace the ACA, which is really nothing more than Obamacare version 2.01.

    anybody else get the impression that this joke of a "repeal and replace" is nothing more than a pathetic attempt for the gelded RINO's to claim some sort of victory.

    This Nation hasn't had TRUE free market health care in 75 years.  And we are never going to get it back.  Free markets are about trusting the people which requires a certain degree of personal responsibility.  Meaning government relingishes power and nobody gets a hand out.  So clearly, one can see why a politician would avoid free market solutions.

    So in my mind, the most logical remaining choice is a complete government takeover of the healthcare industry.  That means all healthcare provided by the government.  All doctors and nurses become federal employees.  No special exemptions for Big Corporations, or Unions, or Congress, or anybody else connected.  Bill Gates waits in the same line as mark the CPA.  Health insurance companies go out of business.  Medical schools get nationalized and the requirement for an undergraduate degree could probably be eliminated.  I bet half the classes taken in undergrad have ZERO benefit to learning the medical trade.

    To pay for this, first you impose an tax on FTE's.  Every employer pays X-thousand dollar per employee.  Employers will be able to afford this because the will no longer have to pay $20K per employee to Big Blue like Verizon does.  Not sure if the USA will need an additional tax.  But let me say that the KARK reforms taxes by moving away from the income tax, and moving towards various consumption taxes that target specific functions of government

    An added benefit, every US citizen will be given a National ID card which could also be used as a voter ID.

    Let me remind everybody that the purpose of insurance is that it makes everybody pay a little, so nobody pays a lot.  I believe a good case can be made that in the area of healthcare, the US Federal government is in the best position to do that.  If only the crooks in DC could ever do something that did require somebody getting a payoff.

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