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    RobZ's hero exposed as radical leftwing extremist lunatic



    RobZ's hero exposed as radical leftwing extremist lunatic

    Post by Guest on Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:12 pm

    Gee, you would think the science guy would know a woman is defined by her XX chromosomes.

    Instead, he is now pushing this trans-pans, call be ze not he, gender bending lunancy.

    what truly amazes me is how many socalled intelligent people not only accept such lunacy, but turn a blind eye to the persecution of those who stand for common sense.

    After all, isn't it common sense that a man who wished he could turn his penis into a vagina is mentally ill.  and the socalled doctors that would perform should a surgery is really a butcher?!?!?


    speaking of science, here's an interesting link

    so I guess it is possible for us common folk to know more than these high and mighty scientists.  Or at the very least, have the common sense to figure out when socalled scientists are abusing their postion to promote their own agenda.

    I guess when Hillary says stupid stuff like I BELIEVE IN SCIENCE, she is really saying considers scientists to be infallible like some kind of Pope.  As long as they advocate leftwing bullshit that is.

    PS, most scientists agree the mild warming of the past century has been a net benefit to man kind


    Re: RobZ's hero exposed as radical leftwing extremist lunatic

    Post by Guest on Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:09 am


    Environmentalists always point to CO2 as the gas that will destroy the earth, but the true "greenhouse gases" are water vapor and oxygen. In any completely enclosed greenhouse, CO2 is almost non-existent. Oxygen, nitrogen, and water vapor predominate. In fact, the problem is so acute that greenhouse growers often inject CO2 into the greenhouses in order to supply CO2 for plant assimilation into chlorophyll that is needed fro plant growth. The discarded "greenhouse gases" are oxygen and water vapor.
    Carbon dioxide is self-regulatory and has never been an evil threat. Elevated CO2 levels are not due to man's injecting CO2 into the environment but in man's destroying the things that require carbon dioxide for growth. Droughts, clear-cutting and deforestation, and absence of sustainable agriculture raise CO2 levels. I should point out that CO2 is miniscule as compared to other atmospheric gases and that it is less than .04% of the total atmosphere. The elevation of CO2 in the atmosphere is a corrective measure to promote plant growth, absolutely necessary to sustain life. Experienced greenhouse growers will tell you that doubling CO2 concentrations in a greenhouse doubles plant growth. There are many videos on Youtube that demonstrate that fact.
    Carbon dioxide is the regulatory gas that controls the environment. It has no special properties regarding heat retention and has almost the same thermal properties as other gases. The true danger would be for CO2 to begin diminishing because that would slow down green plant growth, reduce oxygen levels, and bring civilization extinction.
    No one can control carbon dioxide because it IS the chief component of the environmental engine. Without its presence, we would be doomed.

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