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    If strikeouts were really problem...

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    If strikeouts were really problem...

    Post by Deplorable Mark on Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:40 pm

    Roger claims Anderson swings and misses too much to ever have an OPS of 850

    well in Reggie Jackson's first full year, 171 K and 316OBP 452SLG.  Both slightly better than Tim Anderson.  Plus Jackson was a year younger.  The next year Jackson had a 1.000+ OPS.  Jackson continued to exceed 800 until 1981.

    I believe Jackson strike out more than any batter in MLB history.  Yet he exceeded 850 about half the time in his 20 year career.  The KARK is just stating Anderson will peak at that number.  Doesn't seem that unreasonable of a claim.  Definitely more reasonable than the 1 in 5 chance Roger gave Garcia of turning into a 900OPS plus player.

    PS, rookie year, Karros 257/304/426.  Similiar to Anderson's 283/306/432

    3 years later, Karros OPS = 905.  so what is good for the gander is also good for the Goose

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