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    More on the Q


    More on the Q

    Post by Guest on Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:46 pm

    According to this, the Martes is the stumbling block in the Martes, Musgrove, Tucker package.

    Thanks to Sale and Eaton, White Sox have maybe the best hitting and best pitching propsect in baseball.

    The White Sox also have another 3 or 5 pitching that cam be considered in the top 50.

    The White Sox have no other hitter that is top 50 material.  (Unless you have a TARDIS and go back to 2012)

    Common sense would dictate concentrating on hitting.

    So the KARK says screw Martes and ask for Derek Fisher in addition to Kyle Tucker.  Maybe maybe screw Musgrove and throw in JD Davis


    On thing that I don't believe that has been mention is that if you are going to write of the next 3 years, then you need to be willing to sacrifice major league readiness for higher ceilings in the prospects you target.

    Quintana is a huge chip and needs to be turned into as many blue chip hitter as possible.  So screw the pitching prospects and see if you can get as many high end 20 year old OF's instead

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