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    How Silly has this gotten ?

    Chairman Reinsdorf

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    How Silly has this gotten ?

    Post by rmapasad on Sat Nov 19, 2016 1:27 pm

    Cardinals To Sign Brett Cecil

    By Mark Polishuk | November 19, 2016 at 12:21pm CDT

    The Cardinals have agreed to a four-year deal with southpaw reliever Brett Cecil, Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan reports (Twitter link).  The deal will pay Cecil $30.5MM over the four seasons, according to FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal (via Twitter).  The contract will be official when Cecil, an ACES client, passes a physical
    MLBTR’s Tim Dierkes ranked Cecil 26th on his list of the winter’s top 50 free agents, and projected him to land a three-year, $18MM contract.  The fact that Cecil ended up with a fourth year is a credit to both his representatives at ACES and perhaps was necessary for the Cards to win the bidding.  The Mariners and Blue Jays were both known to be interested in Cecil’s services, with Toronto reportedly putting a three-year deal on the table to retain their longtime reliever.

    Now middle relievers are getting 4 year, $ 30 million deals ? Last year, he threw a grand total of 36 innings with a 3.93 ERA.    That pencils out to $ 208,000 per inning.  If a starter who threw 220 innings were paid the same per IP rate, he'd be getting $ 47 million per year.   Even if Cecil manages 50 innings (his avg in 2014-2015), that per IP rate is the equivalent of  $ 33 million per yr for a 220 inning starter.  Which is even slightly more than the premier starters like Price, Scherzer, and Kershaw get.   To put it in one more context, Chris Sale is getting paid 1/3 the rate Cecil is for every inning he throws.  

    Is this nuts or what ? 
    Hawk Harrelson
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    Re: How Silly has this gotten ?

    Post by Hawk Harrelson on Sat Nov 19, 2016 2:06 pm

    Chris Sale is a dumb ass.  Signed a dumb ass deal.  FUCK TEAM FRIENDLY DEALS.  FUCK REINSDORF.

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