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    Potential New Rule

    Pope Malort I

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    Potential New Rule

    Post by alohafri on Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:38 pm

    Apparently, in order to compete with Uncle Bud to see who can fuck the game up more, Rob Manfred is proposing a rule limiting the number of pitching changes per game.

    Now, I'm no fan of the way dumbasses like Robin handle the bullpens, but I don't want to see this rule.

    "Sorry, I know that you have given up 4 straight hits, but despite the fact that we are clinging to a one run lead, we have already used our allotted number of pitchers today, so you will have to suck it up without sucking any more than you already do."
    Chairman Reinsdorf

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    Re: Potential New Rule

    Post by Cream1953 on Fri Jul 22, 2016 4:45 pm

    Robin handles the bullpen like every other LaRussa wannabe out there...which is pretty much everybody. They're too fucking stupid to piece together the fact that LaRussa actually had TALENT to do such a thing. There's no easy answer but something has to be done.


    Re: Potential New Rule

    Post by Guest on Sat Jul 23, 2016 9:30 am

    100% CORRECT CREAM!!!!

    Although I would add that LaRussa had wash ups that were good for one inning only.  Eckersey, Nelson, Honeycutt, all rejects until LaRussa figured it out

    As I have mentioned 1000X b4, relievers can last for more than an inning and sometimes its not the 9th that needs to be saved, which is why a hold can be just as important as a save.

    Since Ozzie, (or is it Cooper) Sox relievers tend to average exactly an inning per appearance.

    Back in the day, guys like Sutter and Gossage and Quisenberry  would pitch twice as many innings.

    If it were up to the KARK, trade Robertson make Nate Jones the Closer and make a habit of brining him in the 8th.  Unless of course the starter has a 1 hit shutout going.  Then you let Jones enjoy watching a complete game

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    Re: Potential New Rule

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