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    Loyola Game!!


    Loyola Game!!

    Post by Guest on Thu Feb 18, 2016 8:06 am

    Sat between the current and a FORMER PRESIDENT of SFOD!!

    Front row seats.

    I almost fell onto the court laughing at some of the SFOD meeting stories.

    The former President is a great guy named Gary.  He told me he had to  "GET AWAY FROM THOSE GUYS".  The first words out of his mouth!!  Told me they made him President and wanted to go to SHOOTERS BUFFET where it was CHEAP and NOBODY HAD TO TIP!!!

    This guy went to college later in life.  Now he has a MASTERS DEGREE.  

    He went on and told me a story where he rigged a super deal at Home Run Inn.  The original.  $6.00 for all you can eat pizza.  Said the FANBOYS ate at least 40 pizzas.  Wait staff had to keep bringing them out.  Fanboys eating like they were going to the electric chair because they thought they were in a "bad neighborhood" at 31st and basically Pulaski!!

    At the end of the Fanboy eat a thon, he had to beg the beloved Sox Fanboys for TIP MONEY!!!


    There were other funny stories involving BOLTING FROM PLACES!!

    The current President made the REAL POINT that if you are going to have a herd of Fanboys, Summer events should be held AT THE BALLPARK.  The Patio.

    Actually going to games seems to be the one thing a lot of these Fanboys do NOT want to do.

    I still do not understand the point of lording over this bunch!!

    Great to learn I am not the only person laughing about SHOOTERS BUFFET.

    No need for this bunch to fear REVFESTS!!!  SFOD will always reign SUPREME as the SENIOR CITIZENS FANBOY GROUP OF CHOICE!!!!
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    Re: Loyola Game!!

    Post by alohafri on Thu Feb 18, 2016 8:32 am

    Tips are appreciated at NOMADSFEST. And by tips, I mean beer.

    Re: Loyola Game!!

    Post by Guest on Thu Feb 18, 2016 8:41 am

    Nomadsfest has to cut out the drinking, chasing Heather and watching Latina cat fights and start concentrating on the White Sox.

    Start pretending bad Sox players are actually GOOD!!!  Talk up the Sox being BUYERS at the trade deadline and WINNING THE PENNANT so we all can go to a parade and pick confetti off of the streets!!!

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    Re: Loyola Game!!

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