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    WAY too many bad hitters

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    WAY too many bad hitters

    Post by rmapasad on Tue Dec 15, 2015 5:49 pm

    A quick look at the stud hitters and dud hitters of 2015 showed  about what it takes to make the playoffs.   An "average" major league team has 4 hitters in the top 20% of all hitters and 4 hitters in the bottom 20%..   An average playoff team had 5.3 hitters in the top 20% but only 2.2 hitters in the bottom 20%.  So while it's important to have a greater number of good hitters than the norm, it's even more important to have fewer numbers of bad hitters who drag the team down.  Seven of the ten playoff teams this year had 2 or fewer bad hitters.  The only three playoff teams to have had 4 bad hitters (Royals, Cards, Rangers) all had more good hitters to offset the bad ones. 
    So where were the Sox in this equation ?   They had 3 top 20% hitters (Eaton, Abreu, Trayce Thompson).  Yeah, Thompson's hot first month got him into that club.  There were 11 other teams who had 3 or fewer hitters top 20% hitters including clubs like Tigers, Angels, Nationals, Orioles who were all playoff teams from last year.   But what about bad hitters ?    Here the Sox were the runaway champs - TEN players in the bottom 20% of all major league hitters.  Frikkin' TEN !! No other club had more than 7 ).. The ten were -Saladino, Bonifacio, Gillaspie, Cabrera, Beckham, Flowers, Garcia, LaRoche, Sanchez, and Ramirez.    Now 5 of them are gone now but the other 5 are still penciled in as starters at this point (Saladino at SS, Cabrera in LF, Garcia in RF, LaRoche at DH, and Sanchez at 2b).   Maybe Lawrie fixes the hole at 3b and maybe Avila/Navarro solve some of the Catching problem.   That still leaves realistically only 2 spots (Eaton's and Abreu's) that have a chance to be top 20%... Unless further changes are made, the Sox have a deficit of 2 good hitters versus an average team and 3 less than an normal playoff team and still have 1 more bad hitter than an average team and 2-3 more bad hitters than a normal playoff team.  NOT A PRETTY PICTURE looking at 2016.
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    Re: WAY too many bad hitters

    Post by Hawk Harrelson on Tue Dec 15, 2015 8:32 pm

    They have to WIN NOW for the FANBOYS!!!

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