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    Cameron Maybin

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    Cameron Maybin

    Post by Nomads44 on Fri Jun 18, 2010 5:29 am

    Could Maybin come pretty cheap? Marlins sent him down and Stanton has really pushed him to the wayside.

    Kid with world's of potential may just be needing a change of scenery.

    Would Maybin fit in CF and push Rios back to RF and Quentin back to LF.

    I like Q, but he has been a bit of a disappointment on par with Anderson from a defensive standpoint. I seldom see his advertised cannon for an arm. In fact, since he through out the guy returning to 1B on a fly ball to LF his first season with us, I've not see too much from him. He is playing a better RF than LF, however, which was his natural position it seems.

    But the catch by Pierre last night was fantastic and, while he is not a gold glover, I have gotten far more defensively from Pierre than I expected.

    Would any of you see Maybin as a nice future piece, or are you tired of highly hyped kids that come up and disappoint? For me, I'd love Maybin, but not at a huge price. I cannot imagine his price being any lower than it is now, but it still might be way up there. Are the Marlins still in the hunt? What would they be looking for?

    Could Dan Hudson bring him? Would that be giving too much considering Maybin's struggles?

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