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    A trade with the Nats?


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    A trade with the Nats?

    Post by MGJOHNSON on Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:46 am

    Here's an idea.  Send Adam Dunn back from where he came!  In exchange the Nats send the Sox Adam LaRoche.  Dunn is making $15 million this year while LaRoche is making $12 million.  Both are old declining players scheduled for free agency after this season.  It's a classic turd-for-turd trade, although LaRoche doesn't emit quite as strong of an odor as Dunn.  Thus, the Sox would probably have to throw a few million bucks the Nats' way or send along a prospect, maybe Josh Phegley since the Nats starting catcher Wilson Ramos is out with hamate bone surgery.

    There is another reason why the Nats might be willing to take the deal.  Washington's star third baseman, Ryan Zimmerman, has chronic shoulder problems which have been acting up lately.  He has lost a lot of velocity and accuracy on his throws across the diamond since having surgery on his right shoulder a few years ago.  He seems destined for first base.  The Nats have a highly rated third base prospect in Matt Skole, who isn't quite ready yet having only played a few games above A-ball.  Ideally, they would like to keep Zimmerman at 3B until Skole is ready, but it doesn't look like Zimmerman's bad shoulder will allow the wait.

    As far as LaRoche, he could actually help the Sox this year.  If needed, he can certainly play a better first base than Dunn; and as a left-handed batting DH, he can still hit right-handed pitching decently.

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