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    Figgins is a pipe dream



    Figgins is a pipe dream

    Post by Guest on Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:50 am

    According to today's Sun Times.

    The article claims that not only will the Sox pay Dye is buy out instead of pick up is option, but they don't have the cash to sign Figgins.

    This would imply to me that the Sox will attempt to resign the SPOD. But has he ever had 2 good years in a row?

    And just how shitty will the Sox offense be next year? It sucks now and that is with AJ and SPOD hitting 300. You just know those two are going to have a drop off. Same with Konerko. Plus no Dye or Thome. Seems to me they need a full recovery of Quentin and Rios plus the continued development of Beckham and Ramirez just to thread water. Playing at the Cell, the Sox should be at or near the top in runs scored. The rosiest of scenarios to me has them slightly above average at best.

    It appears that the early summer hot streak that ended on Buehrle's perfecto lead Williams to grossly misoverestimate the White Sox chances. But you really can't blame Williams. Had he traded Buehrle, Jenks, Dye and Thome 60 days ago, the millions and millions of Sox fans from around the globe would have descended on the south side and burned the CELL to the ground.
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    Re: Figgins is a pipe dream

    Post by Cream1953 on Wed Sep 23, 2009 4:54 pm

    I think a resurgance of Quentin is the biggest key...I'm not sure he's going to do it but if it happens the offense will be better. Anything Rios can do beyond what he's shown at the plate this year will be a plus...based on his career stats if he can do just .250/20 that's at least an improvement over what we've seen from centerfield the past few years. Way too little for what he's getting paid though. Christ, can the guy actually hit any worse? Paul is Paul. He'll either totally tank or be fairly decent....he'll never be great with his lack of speed. He still gives us the best first base in the league and that's the main reason I've backed off of wanting him unloaded. I have no worries about Beckham...I doubt this year was a fluke. We'll probably all bitch about Alexie until about mid-May. I always hate using the weather as an excuse but he DOES seem to start getting his bat together once it gets warmer. Getz is never going to be the type of player to carry you but I kinda like what the kid brings to the team. I think they should let Flowers start to tutor under AJ and use the kid at DH/PH when applicable. Pods? Who knows? But I think he's earned another shot. He's stupid but you can't fault his hustle. Kotsay is a decent utility guy.

    Not much to strike terror in the opposition from any of the above and there are slots to fill, especially regarding the left side of the plate. But the cupboard isn't bare and with a little tweaking maybe the offense can be sufficient enough to get by if the starting pitching lives up to expectations...and we can do something to fix the bullpen.

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