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    Pods on Saturday

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    Pods on Saturday

    Post by TeleFrank on Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:25 am

    Ever notice that sometimes the box score should not say the team name but the players name. Because it was that player that was the difference in the game and the rest of the team had little to do with it. Saturday was like that, almost. Danks pitched well but it was Pods who was most of the offense.

    Using his speed he turned a misplayed ball into a inside the park HR. Plus again in the 10th to be in position to score the winning run. I am really baffled that people do not want him back next year. This guy has been a spark plug that fires in the sputtering White Sox engine of offensive misfires. He's in a 11 game hitting streak. With Dye attempting to recall what he's suppose to do with that wooden thing when he stands over that white thing in the dirt and Quentin doing his aerobic workout at the plate without the hitting portion on you have to be grateful Pods is in the lineup.

    If you watched the game the most disgusting thing to watch was that after running all the way around the bases Pods wasn't even breathing heavily. Camera followed him all the way back to the dugout and he never seemed to even take a deep breath. Papers said today that the last Sox inside the park HR was Joe Borchard in KC in 02. Joe Borchard ! Did the outfielders all have heart attacks at the same time? I don't recall it at all. A lot like I don't recall Borchard's brilliant baseball career. Speaking of brilliant baseball careers are people serious about Abreu as a free agent signing. Doesn't look like Golden Glove material to me after this game. Adding him to a team that leads the league in errors is like combining a match factory with a gasoline refinery.

    Can't finish up without a mention of the Drama Queen. As soon as he came out for the 9th (I was at work and doing the game.)I loaded the extra inning commercials. When asked why by some co-workers I just smiled and said sit back and watch, this game will either be tied or lost while this bozo is pitching. Don't you hate it when your right about stuff like this. Closer, yeah right.

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